Active Science Learning 

Professional Development and Support for Hands-on Science 

CharlieHutchison is my go-to person for hands-on science. He understands all the options that informal educators have to engage young people in STEM and is fantastic at modeling effective practice. I'm eager to find our next chance to collaborate.

   Tony Streit
    Senior Project Director

Education Development Center, Chicago, IL

Lasting changes in classroom culture cannot be achieved through occasional workshops and conference presentations. Professional development must mirror exactly the way children learn -- through iterative, open-ended and repeated experimentation, reflection and practice.

Program Planning

Charlie Hutchison can help you identify your program objectives, assets and long term goals and chose the right curriculum and the right training approach to meet your needs. If you are starting from scratch, he can help you assess your current resources and build a program from the ground up. Our goal, and yours, is to maximize student engagement with science and science learning. We help you set realistic goals and plan a pathway towards achieving them.

Grant Writing

Charlie has raised millions of dollars for afterschool science from the National Science Foundation and other funding agencies. He has collaborated with Science Museums, Children's Museums, state Afterschool Associations and Networks and with Cooperative Extension Agencies in many states. His grant writing skills have supported science programming in many hundreds of thousands of students in at least 15 states.


Administrators, parents and funders want to be sure their investment in active science programming moves students towards greater interest in science and increased engagement in science learning. Once you have set achievable goals and begun to implement your science program, Charlie can introduce you to assessment tools and approaches that will help your staff assess progress towards the outcomes and impacts you are seeking.