Several kit-based science curriculum series are still widely used in Elementary and Middle school across the country. Most kits provide enough materials for 20 - 25 students to investigate or explore particular concepts and phenomena. Although all three series listed below predate the current standards, each of these research-based curriculum can be adapted and supplemented to align well with the content of the Next Generation Science Standards [NGSS], the Massachusetts STE 2016 standards and science standards developed independently by other states.

FOSS: Full Option Science System

Developed at the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley CA and  published by Delta Education. It is one of several highly regarded inquiry science programs available for elementary and middle schools. If your school or district has invested in the FOSS physical science curriculum and kits, we can help your teachers make them come alive in the classroom for all your students. For more information on these curriculum click here


INSIGHTS: An Elementary Hands-On Inquiry Science Curriculum

An inquiry-based, hands-on approach to science for grades K-8 developed by Education Development Centers in Waltham MA. Students think creatively and critically, get engaged in problem solving through experiences in the natural environment and bridge science concepts to social and environmental events.  For more information on these curriculum click here


GEMS: Great Explorations of Math & Science

A leading resource for innovative science and mathematics education developed at the Lawrence Hall of Science at the University of California at Berkeley. GEMS has been tested in thousands of classrooms nationwide. Teacher's Guides and Handbooks are available for a wide range of learning experiences for preschool through 8th grade. For more information on these curriculum click here

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