How it works

Step 1: Once you reserve a session, I will send you a confirmation email and a Zoom meeting invitation reminding you of the time we are to meet.


Step 2: For the first several sessions, I require that a parent attend the session along with your students so we can establish the logistics and norms of how we will work together.


Step 3: Please be sure that your web connection is working well and that you are familiar with the Zoom environment before our session begins. I will not be able to extend the session beyond the 45 minute mark to make up for technical problems at your end of the connection. I may have someone else scheduled at the top of the next hour.


Step 4: The tutoring will work best if your child's teacher or school posts assignments on Google Classroom or another online portal that I can also access. I would need your login details (before our session) in order to prepare to coach the lesson. If not, then you will have to share assignments with me by email or some other way.